Our Services

Senior Living/Retirement/Elderly Care/Geriatric/Old/MR-All Age Home

It has become very common phenomenon for extended families and friends to be separated by great distances. New job opportunities force the adult children to move away from home. Furthermore the children of them may be employed abroad and are not able to be with their aged parents. However, at some point in their lives, their parents, grandparents or a loved one will become unable to properly care for themselves. Suddenly they are faced the challenge of long distance Care giving. We, at Bangalore Care Takers manage plenty of such situations and make life easier for children who are worried about their parent’s or relative’s health and for their welfare. Bangalore Care Takers (BCT) envisages an adorable residence for the Retired / Senior / Elderly / Geriatric / Old Age / MR-All Age with best-ever modern day amenities and dedicated residential services to make life stress-free, self-reliant and enlivening.

Bangalore Care Takers (BCT) is formed with the main objective of providing succor and care for the Retired / Senior/ Elderly / Geriatric / Old Age / MR-All Age. With this objective in mind, BCT provides comfortable, clean and hygienic boarding and lodging facilities with nursing and medical care. It’s a home away from home.

You may ask to anyone in Bangalore, your friends, neighbors, colleagues, relatives or hospitals, you will get our name as a competent, trustworthy, passionate care giving service provider for long term and short term care. Over the months we created caring in to next level for the distressed and the disabled, in their home or in BCT’s facility and caring is our passion.

In Bangalore Care Takers (BCT), we have Doctors, Professional Nurses, Associate Nurses, Care Takers, Physical Therapists, Dietitians, Cook & Housekeepers to make sure quality with worth and mercifulness, continuity and safety while providing services. Looking after your family member with the utmost care, our licensed nurses and qualified caregivers will provide you peace of mind that your loved ones are in capable hands.

Home for 24/7 Nursing Care

Comprehensive Nursing Care including:-

  • All Age Care
  • Parkinson’s Care
  • Cancer Care
  • Diabetic Care
  • Diabetic Care
  • Seizure Care
  • Pre/Post Surgical Care
  • Blood Collections
Home for Handicapped & Disabled

A condition that markedly restricts their ability to function physically, mentally or socially but BCT aims to cater to both adults and elderly people with disabilities. For helping our clients to optimize their rehabilitation potential, we hope to better enhance the quality of their lives, and integrate them into mainstream society.

BCT will assist and support the clients in

  • Training on independent living skills
  • Personal hygiene and basic requirements
  • Physiotherapy
  • Entertainment activities
  • Encourage self-empowerment
Home for Pre / Post-Operative Care

Our skilled nursing services match your individualized needs, reduce stress and provide optimal comfort to ensure pre and post-operative surgery success. In addition to nursing care we provide transportation to and from your surgical center/hospital.

BCT will provide /assist/support for;

  • Prepare the patient to fit for surgery, especially to improve the physical condition with proper medication, food and exercise. Psychological support to accept the reality and co operate with treatment
  • The period after a major operation can often be the most difficult time for a patient and his or her family. Our nurses are trained to care for the patient after an operation and facilitate their healthy recovery. Personal hygiene, wound care, passive and active excursive, medications and rest according to doctor’s order helps the patients to recover fast. Health education will be provided before discharge from BCT.
Home for Mentally Retarded (MR/ID)

BCT will assist and support the clients in

  • Self determination
  • Anger Management
  • Physical fitness
  • Disease Prevention
  • Health Promotion and Quality Life
  • Time Management
Management of Age Related problems

Old age may have its challenges and limitations, but in spite of them, those latter years can be some of the most rewarding and fulfilling of our lives. Old age has deformities enough of its own. Aging is a progressive, universal decline in functional reserve of body. BCT will take care of old age problems like;

  • Obesity and metabolic Syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Vision and Hearing loss
  • Mental Health
Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy services including:

  • Re-training in activities of daily living
  • Exercises and graded activities to improve strength and range of motion
  • Co-ordination and dexterity activities
  • Advice on the use of orthosis, prosthesis or assistive/adaptive devices to maintain or improve “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL) performances
  • Advice on occupational ergonomics
  • Home assessment and recommendations on home modification
  • Client and caregiver training and education
  • Wheelchair and seating assessment
  • Community integration activities
Home for Bedridden Patients / Paralysis Treatment

Confined to bed by sickness or old age in which BCT will provide;

  • Comprehensive Nursing Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Co-ordination and dexterity activities
  • Appropriate Diet
  • Music Therapy
Management of Nurological and Nephro-urological disorder

BCT helps;

  • Good nursing care
  • Physical therapy
  • Proper diet
  • Pain management
  • Medications
Dementia Care, Alzheimer's Care, Stoma Care, Stroke Rehabilitation

BCT helps patients and their families cope with the disease. Our strong reputation reflects the high standard of care that we give to our Alzheimer’s patients. Aged people are more likely to develop either Alzheimer’s or other forms of Dementia. With advances in medicine and medical technology more people are living into their 80’s and 90’s and as a result the number of people living with this condition is vastly increasing.

Dementia - A general term for loss of memory and mental abilities severe enough to interfere with daily life.

BCT helps;

  • Create a safe and comfortable environment
  • Makes tasks of daily living as easy as possible
  • Well-balanced diet
  • Manage bladder and bowel control problems
  • Help the person avoid confusion
  • Understand behavior changes and help to avoid hyperactivity
  • Communicate clearly
  • Physical health and exercises

Stoma - An artificial opening made on the surface of the body.

BCT helps;

  • Psychological support- counseling
  • Ensure a quality of life
  • Avoid skin problems
  • Input and output chart to prevent dehydration
  • Avoid complication like prolapse, narrowing or blockage of the stoma

Stroke- Brain death due to poor blood supply to the brain

BCT helps;

  • Regaining and relearning the skills of everyday leaving
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Good Nursing care including skin care, feeding, hydration, positioning, monitoring vital signs