Our Facilities

BCT provides safe and secure accommodation for senior citizens.


  • Single, double and suit rooms
  • Clean and sterile environment
  • Warm hospitality and bright surroundings
  • Scheduled resident and family meetings

Transport, Communication and Safety

  • Ambulance and chauffeur services
  • Safe and CCTV monitored surroundings
  • Internet access and telephone services

Health Facilities

  • Attendants and nurses
  • Visiting councillors
  • Intensive care for the residents who are     immobile/bedridden

Care For Adult With or Without Medical Needs

Your elderly parent may need support at home with bathing, feeding, medication or personal hygiene. Having personal care giver can reduce falls which in turn reduces fractures, head injury and other serious complications. Also be ensured of medication adherence. Our trained attenders look after people with Parkinson, Alzheimers, Dementia, Stroke/Paralysis, Cancer etc.

Post Hospitalisation Care

Recovering after you get discharged from hospital involves proper monitoring of pulse, blood pressure, diet, medication, sugar levels, urine out put measurement, IV fluid administration, urinary catheterisation, Foley's (Nasogastric tube insertion), IM injections, Bed Sore cleaning. We ensure that you recover fast with right support.

Old Age Home

End of Life Help

  • Last rites and services at request of family members


  • Recreation room
  • Library
  • Computer room and TV room
  • Yoga and meditation


  • Fully equipped kitchens with full time cooks
  • Nutritious meals

Post Surgical Care

Post surgical care at home involves pain management, fluid management, respiratory management, prevention of thrombosis, medication adherence, Wound care, Tracheostomy care, Colostomy care, Bladder wash, Stomach wash, Post Cancer Surgery care. Under the care from our qualified nurses your post surgical care is ensured.

Post Surgical Care

Injections, Dressings and IV Fluids.